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Farmers do far more than just produce some of the finest food anywhere in the world.

They are the custodians of our world-famous countryside, which supports a booming tourism industry as well as the country walks that many of us take on a regular basis.

Farmers also help to protect many of the species of wildlife for which Scotland and the UK are famous, by providing them with safe environments in which to live as well as rich food sources.

The fight against climate change and the move towards renewable energy is also reliant on farmers and farming. Many farmers grow renewable energy crops, such as oilseed rape or willow which go towards the production of renewable fuel, heat and electricity that help to power our nation. Buying Scottish produce also helps to reduce damaging ‘food miles’ incurred when buying similar products that may have been transported from the other side of the world.

Our health depends to a great extend on what we all put into our mouths. Fresh, healthy produce packed with vitamins and minerals is essential if we are to secure the future health of our children. Feeding them fresh fruit and vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals, fresh meat packed with protein, dairy products packed with calcium and products packed with oats and grain will help them to develop into health adults.

We are a nation of animal lovers. Scotland’s farmers take care of the animals on their farms to the highest possible animal welfare standards that aren’t always guaranteed elsewhere. They ensure that animals lead comfortable lives and are given all of the necessary care and attention.

Scottish farming needs your support!