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On this page you can download a number of things that may be of interest to you to help you support our campaign.

You can download the What's on your Plate? information leaflet, template letters to write to your local procurement manager, artwork for a roadside trailer sign and the seasonal calendar.

Please feel free to have a browse and download whatever you like. If you are keen to have something specific but don't have the technology to download it, please contact us and we will endeavour to send it to you in the post.

Seasonal calendar
Consumer leaflet - brief
Consumer leaflet - detailed
Ad Trailer Artwork


Russell Hobbs
Russell Hobbs has a range of innovative kitchen appliances designed to make the most of all produce in the kitchen. With toasters, kettles, blenders and food processors Russell Hobbs have the technology to kit out your kitchen.
To find out more, visit www.russellhobbs.co.uk

Jamie Oliver Saves Our Bacon
Following his great television programme highlighting the importance of supporting British pig farmers and British pork, Jamie has set up a dedicated website asking people to pledge their support for the pig industry.
Jamie says:

"Britain has some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world where pig farming is concerned. But lower standards of animal welfare in some European countries mean those countries can pump out cheaper meat, which is why pork from the EU is undercutting ours. If we aren’t careful, our British farmers will be driven out of the market completely and British pork will be something we tell our grandkids about."
Visit www.jamieoliver.com to learn more and show your support.

Scottish Food Fortnight
Scottish Food Fortnight (SFF) is a celebration of Scottish food and drink, promoting the benefits of fresh, seasonal produce for Scottish people, run by the Scottish Countryside Alliance Education Trust. To learn more about Scottish Food Fortnight, please visit www.scottishfoodfortnight.co.uk

Scottish Countryside Alliance
The SCA is one of Scotland's inclusive rural lobbying organisations. The SCA recognises that rural Scotland is an interwoven tapestry of cultural, economic, environmental and community issues, and that to champion just one strand would lead to the unravelling of the whole. We campaign for and promote a wide range of interlinked country sports and rural livelihood issues.
Please visit www.scottishcountrysidealliance.org

Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) Scotland
FWAG is a farmer led organisation and Scotland’s leading independent provider of environmental and conservation advice to farmers and crofters.
FWAG can help us all to reconnect with the countryside - to make the links between high quality food and a high quality rural landscape and to enable all those with a passion for the countryside to work together to ensure that we make the right choices for the health of the countryside now and in the future. To learn more about FWAG and their work, go to www.fwag.org.uk/scotland

AK Stoddart
AK Stoddart is a leading Scottish beef processing company, accounting for a very significant share of total Scottish production. From small beginnings in the 1950s, we are now a major supplier of farm-assured Scotch Beef, and the UK’s largest supplier of Certified Aberdeen Angus. Today, we supply high-quality beef to major retailers, food manufacturers and food service providers across the UK as well as looking at expansion into global markets. But despite our growth, we remain an independently owned family business, committed to long-term values and standards. www.akstoddart.co.uk

Albert Bartlett is Britain’s largest grower of root vegetables.
A family business for more than 50 years, we now supply over 500 000 tonnes of fresh produce annually. www.albert-bartlett.co.uk

East Lothian Life
East Lothian Life magazine captures the essence of life in the county; its people, its history, its towns villages and its future, in a magazine packed with a stimulating choice of diverse articles and features covering many aspects of life in East Lothian, past and present. www.eastlothianlife.co.uk

Kettle Produce
Kettle produce are specialists in growing, processing and marketing a wide range of whole and prepared vegetables to major multiple supermarkets and food service businesses in the UK. www.kettle.co.uk

The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland was founded in 1784. Today, in the 21st century, the Society is for people who value the rural areas of Scotland. It is for people who enjoy the finest products of our land-based and allied industries. And it is for everyone who supports the very best standards in agriculture, forestry and stewardship of the countryside, which are such an essential part of our heritage - and our future.
To find out more, visit www.rhass.org.uk

The Scottish Estates Business Group (SEBG) represents progressive rural estates with significant business interests. Our members champion a modern business approach in the management of Scotland’s land resource.
Estates play an important role in the social, economic and environmental prosperity of Scotland. They are vital assets and resources to the communities in their areas and have a positive impact on sustainable rural development. www.sebg.org

NFU England and Wales
The NFU champions British Farming and provides professional representation and services to over 60,000 Farmer and Grower members in England and Wales. www.nfu.org.uk

NFU England and Wales – Why Farming Matters Campaign
The NFU's mission is to champion British farming, and this is exactly what we will be doing throughout 2007's Why Farming Matters campaign.

Why Farming Matters aims to give everyone a much clearer idea of the contribution that farming makes to the economy, to the quality and security of our food supplies, to the beauty and diversity of our countryside, to combating climate change and to the rural economy. www.whyfarmingmatters.co.uk

Lantra works to improve the level of skills and business performance in companies across 17 industries, that together make up the environmental and land-based sector in the UK. To find out more visit www.lantra.co.uk

Forth Valley Food Links
Forth Valley Food Links aims to deliver the latest news and information on developments towards a sustainable local food economy for the Forth Valley area of Scotland – Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling local authority areas. To learn more, visit www.fvfl.org.uk

The Visit Scotland guide to eating and drinking in Scotland
Visit www.EatScotland.com for more information and details of restaurants that use Scottish produce

Scottish Food in Season
This ‘Field to Plate’ website highlights the quality in Scotland’s natural ingredients, links this through to suppliers, delis, producers, farmers’ markets and shops, and then to plate (recipes etc). Visit www.scottishfoodinseason.com

SFQC is an independent company specialising in the inspection and certification of food production, processing and service. As a result of the assessments and checks they make throughout the food chain SFQC can help consumers know more about the food they purchase and consume. www.sfqc.co.uk

Food and Health Alliance
The Food and Health Alliance is managed by NHS Health Scotland and supported by the Scottish Executive and Food Standards Agency Scotland.
The Alliance is a network for everyone in Scotland with an interest in food and health. It represents the range of stakeholders involved in implementing a multi-sector, food-chain based food and health strategy.
The learn more, visit www.fhascot.org.uk

Love Food Hate Waste Campaign
Most of us don't realise the amount of food we throw away. Over a third of food we buy in Scotland is thrown directly in the bin and at least half of this could have been eaten. Love Food Hate Waste aims to reduce this figure by showing people how they can cut down on their own wastage. One of the simple ways to help cut down on waste is to buy fresh, local, high quality produce. You can choose the quantity that you buy, you know it's going to taste delicious and the bonus is that you know exactly where it has come from. The Love Food Hate Waste campaign website includes some great recipe ideas as well as other ideas on how to cut waste.

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