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If you are a farmer, rather than a member of the public, please read on to find out how you can get involved.

In addition to all the valuable things you already do on farm to support the wider agricultural industry, there are some other things you can do to support the What’s on your plate? campaign.

Making a difference needn’t be a hassle and it needn’t cost you a penny. There are many small and simple actions that you can take which will still make an impact. Below are our top five, but we’ve listed others at the bottom of the page if you would like additional inspiration.

1. Hand out our campaign leaflets to consumers
Supermarkets, town centres, shows, events etc. are all good places to reach consumers with the positive messages about farming. Download and print a leaflet and hand some out to help raise public awareness or call NFUS for some copies to be sent in the post.

2. Get a non-member involved
If you are a member of NFUS, get a non-member involved and help boost membership as well as helping to increase the influence the Union has – the more members we have the more we will be listened to by those who make the decisions. You can also spread the word to existing members and make sure that they become involved in the campaign too. To join the NFUS click here.

3. Educate others
Why not visit a local school, WI group, Rotary Club to speak to others, particularly the younger generation, about the benefits that farming delivers? To find out more about getting involved with education the future generation, visit www.rhet.org.uk

4. Get writing
Write to your local newspaper or local authority procurement director or school to tell them about the benefits of Scottish produce and encourage their support for the What’s on your plate? campaign.

5. Create a promotional roadside trailer
Why not create a promotional trailer in one of your fields to highlight to passing motorists the What’s on your plate? website so that they can have a browse?

You can download the artwork here and then take it to your local printer who ought to be able to print you up a trailer sized banner.

If none of the above appeal or you would like additional ideas of ways in which you and your fellow farmers can get involved, how about thinking about some of the ideas below:
• Speak to a local pub or hotel about doing a Scottish produce day during which they dedicate their menu to Scottish produce and also distribute the What’s on your plate? leaflets and material
• Do your own tasting session or BBQ outside a supermarket or elsewhere in your local town
• Organise a demo outside your local Council building or NHS to highlight to those in charge why they should source local food
• Or why not come up with something of your own invention! Any activity that (legally!) promotes Scottish farming and Scottish produce falls under the What’s on your plate? umbrella so please feel free to be as inventive as you like!

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