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Alemill Fresh Farm Geese



TD14 5TG

Telephone: 01890 771275

Email: ianloganalemill@aol.com

We can supply oven ready geese either retail or wholesale throughout Scotland. Each goose is invidiually boxed with giblets, a recipe leaflet and cooking instructions.

Birds weight from 4 to 6kg. We can also supply the ever popular goose fat to help produce the best roast potatoes at Christmas.


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Atholl Glens Organic Meat

Atholl Estates Office
Blair Atholl
PH18 5TH

Telephone: 01796 481482

Website: www.athollglens.co.uk

Email: info@athollglens.co.uk

Atholl Glens Organic Meats is a cooperative of 8 farm in Highland Perthshire. We sell direct to homes across the UK but also attend Perth and Crieff Farmers' Market and supply a few local retail outlets and restuarants. Please visit the website for full details.


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Connage Highland Dairy

Milton of Connage

Telephone: 01667 462000

Website: www.connage.co.uk

Email: info@connage.co.uk

Situated not far from Inverness, Connage Highland Dairy is a family owned and run organic business producing a selection of delicious cheeses from the milk produced on farm.

The 130 cows craze clover pastures along the shores of the Moray Firth and produce cheeses that are fully traceable from 'cow to cheese'! To learn more and find out where to purchase Connage cheese, please visit the website.


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Damn Delicious

Thankerton Camp Farm
ML12 6PD

Telephone: 01899 308 688

Website: www.damndelicious.co.uk

Email: michael@damndelicious.co.uk

We are all about providing high quality food direct from the farm to your doorstep. We care about our animals and the environment.  Not just because it's the current fashion but because we always have. Our beef and lamb are probably the most mouth-watering meat you will ever taste, matured on the bone to create maximum taste and tenderness using traditional methods. Uniquely, our animals live outside all year round and eat fresh green forage every day. This diet of grass and clover and in winter hay or silage and kale, not only gives the meat its Damn Delicious taste and tenderness but increases the amount of healthy fats (Omega 3) in the meat. The healthy fats are thought to be anti carcinoegenic and may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.  We deliver nationwide and have a wide selection of cuts as well as versatule and cost effective variety boxes.


Farmers Market Farmers Market

Orkney Farmers' Market




Telephone: 01856 831537

Last Saturday of every month excluding January -March. 9am - 1pm.

Wide variety of local produce from farmers and producers in the surrounding area including meat, vegetables and fresh baked goods.


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Orkney Ice Cream

Telephone: 01856 872542

Website: www.orkneyicecream.com

Email: info@orkneyicecream.com

The Orkney Creamery is a family business, first established in 1949. Although the farming business is still there today, albeit on a smaller scale, the business has developed into a creamery that supplies all of the liquid milk requirements for Orkney.

In 1995, as consumers started to switch from full-fat milk to skimmed and semi-skimmed, the extra cream was used to produce luxury ice cream that could be sold across the whole of Scotland.



Shop Shop

Scottish Craft Butchers

Website: www.craftbutchers.co.uk/butchers

Take a walk down your local high street and you'll be amazed by what you find. To find a Real Butcher in your area visit the website.


Farmers Market Farmers Market

Shetland Farmers' Market

Tingwall Hall



Telephone: 01595 880885

Third Saturday of the month. Contact for details.

Selection of fresh Scottish produce from farmers and producers in the surrounding area.


Farmers Market Farmers Market

Unst Farmers' Market

Baltasound Community Hall





Telephone: 01957 711315

A selection of fresh Scottish produce from farmers and producers in the surrounding area.

Please visit www.unst.org. for dates of the Farmers' Market