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• There are approximately 15 million poultry in Scotland of which 4 million comprise egg-producing hens and around 10 million chickens are reared for meat production.
• 119,000 tonnes of chicken valued at over £87 million are produced in Scotland.
• Scotland’s egg production is at a high. 853 million eggs are produced with a value of over £30 million.
• UK egg production is worth around £550 million annually.

The egg and poultry meat sectors are also committed to farm assurance through the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC)’s Lion Code and Assured Chicken Production. BEIC members have invested heavily in promotion and provision on health issues to consumers.

A huge volume of work has been undertaken by the egg industry, through the Red Lion Scheme and others, to promote eggs as healthy, nutritious, value-for-money and versatile.

To learn more about the egg industry, visit www.britegg.co.uk

Chicken goes into many sandwiches and makes a delicious roast dinner while eggs are an essential ingredient in many of the cakes and biscuits we eat.

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