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Soups & StartersMeat


kindly supplied by Tony Borthwick Plumed Horse - Leith

Ingredients for 4

4 young oven-ready Grouse
4 slices unsmoked back Bacon
100g Foie Gras, diced
50g Foie Gras Fat
50g Golden Raisins, soaked for a week plus in Sauternes.
50g corn-fed Chicken breast
1 Egg white
15ml sweet Madeira
50ml whipping Cream

300g Young Parsnips
1 large Maris Piper Potato
28 baby silverskin Onions, skinned
50g salted Butter
50g stale white homemade Brioche, trimmed
4 slices Brioche
75ml Milk
Pinch Nutmeg
Salt & fresh white Pepper

150ml strong Chicken stock
150ml Water
30ml Veal stock
50g finely sliced Shallots
200ml good red wine
25ml Armagnac , 25ml ruby Port
Bay, Thyme, Heart & Liver (optional)


Remove the legs from the Grouse close to the body. Remove the wings. Remove the feet and discard. Trim the crowns, leaving the breasts on the bone, remove the wishbone as well as the rest of the carcass. Remove the drumsticks and trim all the meat from them, also remove any flesh from the carcass and reserve.

Remove the bone from the thighs. Use all the bones and wings to make a stock together with the Red Wine, Port & Madeira, Shallots, Herbs & Stocks.

Pass through a cloth until clear, adjust the seasoning and reduce to a coating consistency.

Using all of the trimmings from the drumsticks and the carcasses, the Chicken breast meat, Madeira and the egg white, make a farce in a food processor. Add the cream, pass through a drum sieve. Season. Chill & reserve.

Remove the skin from the thighs. Lay this flat as if to use as a protective outer skin on some seasoned Foil. Using a cutlet bat, flatten the thigh meat and place on top of the assembled thigh skin. Season.

Mix the Foie Gras and the Golden Raisins with the Grouse & Chicken mousse.

Evenly pipe the mousse along one side of the thigh meat, roll tightly, and ensuring no holes and that it is even, forming a boudin.

Roll tightly in the foil and chill for 1 hour.

Make a bread sauce with the stale Brioche, Milk & Nutmeg, season & reserve.

Put the silverskins in a sautéuse and cook slowly with the butter and a few thyme flowers, season and keep warm.

Make a puree from the Parsnips, season and reserve.

Make 4 potato wafers from the Maris Piper, season & reserve.

Sauté the Grouse boudin, still in the foil for a few minute on all sides and put into a low oven for 50 minutes.

25 minutes after the boudin going into the oven:

Sear the Grouse crowns evenly in a little oil and a nut of the Foie Gras Fat. Season. Turn them upright and cover each with a rasher of Bacon.

Put into a hot oven for 12 -15 minutes. Remove, allow to relax and keep warm.

Cut the 4 slices of brioche into a disc with a cutter and sauté in the foie Gras Fat.

Remove the boudin from the oven and unwrap it whilst hot. Cut into 4, eating the end pieces yourself! Place on top of the Crouton.

Warm the Parsnip Puree and plate, together with the silverskins, the bread sauce and the potato wafer.

Remove the breasts from the carcasses and arrange two matching breasts on each plate, sauce and serve immediately.

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