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Simply view the different sections down the left-hand side of this site to find out what you can do to help support Scottish farming and Scottish produce.

Making a difference needn’t be a hassle and it needn’t cost you any extra money. There are many small and simple actions that you can take which will still make an impact.

These are the top five things that NFU Scotland suggests that you could do. However, there are many more possibilities, some of which are outlined at the bottom of this page.

1. Look for Scottish Produce
2. Ask about local sourcing
3. Support local shops
4. Visit the countryside
5. Buy in season

If none of the five suggestions above appeal, then how about choosing one of the following:

• Spread the word to friends and relatives about the benefits of buying Scottish produce

• Report any misleading or confusing labelling when you see it in shops or restaurants

• Find out where your nearest farm shop is and pay them a regular visit

Click here to download a leaflet to give to your friends or your local school, library, dental surgery etc. to help to spread these positive messages more widely.

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